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There are 10 people employed in the company, mostly young. Four of them are graduate engineers of geodesy, we have three geodetic technicians and three technicians of different professions.

Dragutin Mataija, dipl. ing. geod.

Marko Mataija Valh, dipl. ing. geod.

Nena Mataija Valh, dipl. ing. geod.

Marko Mataija, mag. ing. geod. et geoinf.

Danijel Nilaš, dipl.ing.geod.

Lucija Benolić - Mataija, geod. teh.

Alen Kačarik, geod.teh.

Zora Mataija, građ. teh.

Damir Benolić - Mataija, polj. teh.

Marko Tomić, komercijalist

Marko Čolić, geod. teh.
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